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With over 20 years of experience in the HR industry, HR Mobile Apps brings our wealth of knowledge to your fingertips.

Our designers and developers are the most qualified and creative in their fields and sit at the forefront of new technology development. All employees of HR Mobile Apps adhere to the highest standards of the mobile web industry including the World Wide Web Consortium.

We are excited to offer the HR industry new and innovative mobile technologies specifically designed to help streamline productivity and save time and money. We help you acquire the most qualified talent while managing your existing workforce in the most efficient way possible.

In addition to the Apps presented on this website, HR Mobile Apps is excited to create custom Apps specifically for your company's needs.

People don't leave home today without their wallet, keys and phone. As a result, companies can't afford to ignore mobile apps anymore. We are revolutionizing the way HR operates and your HR department will be ahead of the curve if you utilize HR Mobile Apps.

Employee Training Apps

Training is essential for the success of any business – no matter the industry. HR Mobile currently offers two Training Apps. The first, our Test App, offers a Test Gate for newly trained staffers. Simple, user-friendly questions assess their knowledge level on a new product, service or procedure. The test taker can view answers at the end of the test (after an assessment is made) or has the option to obtain correct answers throughout the test – learning as he or she goes.

The second Training App is our Reference App. Off-site workers can refer to training manuals and videos where they need them most – in the field. Immediate access to reference materials ensures mistakes don't happen, saving your company time and money.

Onboarding Mobile Apps

Welcome to the company. With our Onboarding App, it's easy to take new hires through all of your company procedures and guidelines while literally walking them through the building. Yes, the entire company manual can be in your new staffer's hands – there to reference anywhere, at any time. Additional features of the App include structural maps (highlighting department locations and emergency exits in the building), staff directories, interactive calendars and a new hire blog.

Our App also reduces the headache of new hire paperwork by simplifying your forms for the small screen. Our user-friendly Onboarding App will help HR departments minimize typical new hire downtime and misunderstandings, accelerate work environment acclimation and ultimately decrease the learning curve.

Recruitment Apps

Recruiting is a complex process that involves matching the most qualified candidate to the most appropriate position. HR Mobile's Recruitment App streamlines talent acquisition from beginning to end. From pre-hire screenings to applicant tracking – we help recruiters and hiring managers communicate in real time to optimize each stage of the recruitment process. We offer tools to respond immediately to job inquiries, quickly identify top talent and stay in touch with candidates 24/7.

On the flip side, we also offer functionality to help job hunters find you. We translate and optimize your career section for the small screen, sending your calendar of recruiting events, videos, job alerts and openings directly to a job hunter's mobile device. This instant access allows potential candidates to immediately act on the job application and even answer select screening questions (such as are they willing to relocate, are they looking for full or part-time work, etc...).

Recruiting/Interview Assessment

Our Interview App will make assessing the entire interview process much easier and incredibly more efficient. The App operates in real-time, allowing you to make notes and check each candidate against pre-determined markers during the interview. A recording of the interview can also be taken and shared with other decision makers immediately afterward.

The App integrates your company's key measures and offers prompts to remind you when to delve deeper on a specific topic. At the conclusion of the interview, our Interview App assigns an overall rating to each candidate. This information can be shared with department heads and hiring managers, saving valuable time, simplifying the decision tree and allowing you to acquire that perfect employee (he/she does exist, right?).

Benefits Applications

After implementing our Benefits App, 'user-friendly' and 'valuable' are the adjectives your employees will use when referring to company benefits. Features of the App include mobile alerts for employee enrollment, 401K plans linked to real-time stock alerts, mutual funds and tax updates, and changes in benefit carriers and procedures.

Our Benefits App also allows your employees to access and act on certain information regarding healthcare, reimbursement and flexible spending accounts. The ability to have this functionality 24/7 in the palm of their hands frees up your time and empowers them.

Employee Engagement Applications

Water cooler conversations aren't confined to the water cooler anymore with our Engagement App. Track and record employee feedback as our App functions as a real- time, virtual comment card. Employees can offer feedback on new procedures and company policies and standards the moment ideas arise – no matter when or where.

This innovative tool will help you gauge the internal pulse of your company by measuring the excitement and dedication of your employees. By sharing information in real-time, our mobile 'comment card' empowers your employees to have a vested interest in boosting your company's productivity and performance.

Sales Applications

For those businesses with the majority of their workforce on the road, our Sales App is a lifesaver. Instead of calling in or faxing sales reports and time sheets, your traveling staffers can access the company database directly from their mobile device. Sales can be updated and tracked in real time. Managers can communicate new directives based on immediate, accurate data. What used to take days will now take minutes. Field workers can also request time off.

The App calculates eligibility and sufficient time accumulated, sends information to the appropriate supervisor who then approves/disapproves the request on the spot. Imagine so much accomplished in so little time...and all before your salespeople depart on that next train, plane or automobile.

Security Applications

Is your company's information safe with HR Mobile Apps? Most definitely. Privacy and Security are of paramount concern to us. We work with the features already available in all mobile devices to ensure information is only shared within your organization. Tracking software and additional security measures have also been developed to protect data sent between mobile devices no matter where they are used.

Why Use Our Mobile Apps for Your HR Needs?
- Increased productivity due to increased efficiencies
- Simplify the decision tree
- Improve and expedite internal communication
- Streamline office processes
- Reduce paperwork
- Stretch a limited staff
- Rapid ROI
- Input methods are simplified

In addition, all Apps are user-friendly and optimized for the small screen. Know that we have done the work. We have performed the research and devoted the time it takes to bring you intelligent, well-conceived and executed Apps. Conducting business on a mobile device is indeed the wave of the future (76% of Americans have a mobile phone and ¼ of those own smart phones).

Audio Interview

Impress your new employer and get noticed in today’s competitive job market with Audio Job Interview. This innovative iPhone application will allow you to audibly record an interview with your creative responses as if it were your prospective new employer. Choose from a library of common interview questions to build your own audio interview. The easy to navigate platform and visual prompts will guide you through the interview gracefully. When you’re satisfied with the outcome, you can individually or batch send your interview to prospective employers along with your resume. Also great for practice interviews and to prove bilingual speaking skills. Guaranteed to help you get noticed before your peers do.

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